A little bit about me..




I originally trained as a nurse over 25 years ago and worked at various Birmingham hospitals over a ten year period.  I have also worked in elderly care as a care assistant. My experiences working in a care environment have enriched my life enormously and greatly influence my artwork.  I have always been interested in art and have been creative in some way all my life but it was when I visited a Jackson Pollock exhibition in 1999 and was blown away by the sheer energy and life in his paintings that I decided to take my interest in art much more seriously.  Since then I have completed various art courses including 'Preparation  For Fine Art' and an 'Art and Design Foundation' course where I gained a distinction.  I completed a BA (Hons) Design Crafts degree  in 2010 and have shown a selection of work at New Designers, London and Mint Gallery during the London Design Festival.


  Artist Statement


 My work primarily focuses on the non functional vessel. Individual, one off pieces explore  forms such as  teapots, plates, and cutlery as well as small dishes and bowls. These everyday objects make reference to both function and decoration; however, I am particularly interested in what a piece becomes when the function is removed.  My work combines personal expression, nostalgia and a touch of romance. I often use found objects as visual inspiration for my work, sometimes incorporating elements of them into the finished pieces. I primarily work with porcelain and use  a variety of techniques in my ceramics including slip casting, press moulding and hand building.


My smaller ceramic pieces once again reflect my fascination with the past, memories and a trace of what came before.  I have a collection of vintage lace, buttons and other objects that I press into the wet clay to create interesting textures which also give the pieces a sense of history. To keep up to date with my latest work, exhibitions and craft fair details tale a peek at my facebook page:


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